Community Optimized Managed Electric Transport

Where We Came From

Global Electric Transport (GET) was created to help address the growing need for a sustainable, environment-friendly transport solution in booming emerging market megacities around the globe.

Where We Are Now

GET's answer to this problem is a holistic public transport approach that uses intelligent and innovative technology. Its key product is the Community Optimized Managed Electric Transport (COMET), around which an ecosystem of electronic ticketing platform, a fleet management system, infrastructure, and charging technology was built.

Where We Are Now

Inside the COMET is an innovative media platform that uses wrap-around ads and an on-board multimedia system. Coupled with the vehicle technology and analytics capabilities, this mobile advertising platform presents exciting economic opportunities with countless creative possibilities.

Where We Want To Go

GET was created to uplift communities through efficient, clean, and sustainable transport technology. GET's mission has never been to just build a better vehicle. By creating a better way to get going, our dream is to build a better world.