Global Electric Transport

Global Electric Transport (GET) was founded in 2013 by a circle of change-makers determined to address the severe pollution and traffic issues faced by Emerging Market megacities deluged by rapid and uncontrolled urbanization. GET's founders set out to create a holistic, environment-friendly and sustainable transport solution.

In 2014, GET launched the 20-seater COMET, giving birth to its first all-electric public transport vehicle fleet in Metro Manila. GET took the electric vehicle solution a step further by building the entire electric vehicle ecosystem surrounding the vehicle. This included an electronic ticketing platform, a fleet management system, infrastructure such as terminals and depots, as well as charging facilities.

In 2015, GET explored site operations outside Metro Manila and rolled out in private estates in Cebu, Cavite and Pampanga. Expansion to other countries is already being planned.

"We are revolutionary and sustainable environment friendly transport solution that uses intelligent and innovative technology to deliver a safe, reliable and convenient commuting experience to the community."

Our Profile

Rapid population growth, mass migration into cities, limited parking, traffic congestion and climate change are affecting the movement of people and goods in dense urban settings. The severity of these growing problems worldwide has created a social and economic need to find realistic and affordable solutions. This is the catalyst that led to the creation of Global Electric Transport (GET). GET believes that the potential of electric vehicles is in transport systems for the masses instead of high speed, high cost cars for the wealthy. GET's mission is to turn electric vehicles from expensive "niche" products for the few, to life-changing solutions for the many.

GET has taken advantage of recent technology breakthroughs and innovative business thinking to create a new business model that is anchored on the maximization of three basic principles, namely:

GREEN MOBILITY: GET's attention to the environment delivers a sustainable product

CLOUD TECHNOLOGY: GET's expertise in technology results in intelligent solutions

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: GET's focus on people creates an inclusive ecosystem

By looking to solve problems instead of just selling products, GET is positioned to be a global business model that can be replicated in many other settings. GET transforms a group of chaotic, competing and polluting vehicles into an organized, efficient and clean transportation system that delivers a true triple bottom line.