The Comet

At the heart of GET's mass transport ecosystem is the COMET. This zero emission, fully electric vehicle is perfectly suited for mass public transportation in urbanized, highly populated, growing megacities.

The COMET system transforms individual vehicles into an organized collective, allowing for dynamic adaptation to traffic flows and passenger volumes.

Combining GET's system with the COMET electric vehicle creates a community-owned, centrally managed electric vehicle fleet that is the perfect low cost, low risk, high impact transport project that can transform urban environments.


  • GPS and Telemetry Tracking
  • Cashless Payment
  • Passenger Monitoring
    • - CCTV Monitoring
    • - Ridership Tracking
  • WIFI Capable
  • Media-ready


One of the most exciting opportunities the COMET Ecosystem presents is the Media Business Platform. Operating a mass transport system allows GET to explore media and advertising using the vehicle wrap-around and the on-board multimedia system.


An eye magnet on the road, COMET wraps are able to catch peoples' attention as advertisers co-brand with the top green public transportation in the country


The captured market aboard the COMET gives advertisers the opportunity to reach out to the viewers. GET also has the ability to remotely manage the content on each vehicle, allowing the media content to match the market currently on board the COMET