About Us

We believe that the solutions to the world’s problems will come from the places where they are needed the most. Our solution arose from our experience in the Philippines, where haphazard transport, dirty air, and poor infrastructure is the norm. This led in 2013 to the creation of GET with the goal of providing practical, affordable, and non-polluting transport solutions designed for the developing world.

Our objectives are:

  1. reduce pollution and congestion
  2. improve the quality of life our employees, passengers and the community as a whole
  3. create a shared technological infrastructure to simplify everyday life
  4. operate a financially viable and sustainable business that revolves around clean transport and digital life solutions.

In 2014 the first COMET prototype was launched in the presence of US President Barack Obama. Operations on the Quezon City route started in 2015 and rollouts in the industrial estates in Cebu and Cavite soon followed. Redevelopment of the vehicles began in 2016, with new models undergoing testing and limited trial runs before moving to the second phase of testing, refinement, and production. In 2018 GET Philippines partnered with QEV Technologies to develop the new COMET 3, a world-class, fully-electric microbus. The COMET 3 has since debuted in Metro Manila and Davao City. More rollouts are scheduled in 2021 with the first vehicle for international deployment scheduled for delivery to Malaysia in the first quarter.

In 2018 development also began on the GETPASS, an app-based alternative to the COMET’s previous card-based payment system. Initially conceived as an app-based ticketing system, the scope of its functionality was expanded so that it can function as a payment system, a personnel management system, and even as a contact tracing system in the wake of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. The GETPASS System has now become a platform for a multitude of digital services, creating the ideal smart city solution for many public and private organizations.

Rapid advances in technology and the scale of the world’s environmental problems have made GET’s intervention a very timely one. Our complete transportation ecosystem that puts together proprietary electric vehicle technology, an app-based management and payment platform, and an integrated business model is the ideal low cost, low risk, but high impact project that that addresses the dangers of climate change, generates responsible profit and transforms urban environments.

Team Profile

Tony Olaes

Tony has over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur with strategic focus on graphic communication and design. Tony founded and has grown Olaes Enterprises, Inc. (commonly known as “ODM”) from his home base in San Diego, California into a nationally recognized corporation through superior market analysis, unsurpassed creative ability and strong retail relationships. The company manufactures and supply's imprinted clothing to some of the largest national retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Kohl's. Tony chairs the Board of Directors for ODM and continues to be its primary visionary for future growth.

Peter Abaya

Peter spent 18 years in public service as Undersecretary at the Department of Energy, the Offce of the President and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. He also served as President/CEO of the Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) Alternative Fuels Corp and then General Manager/CEO of the Philippine Reclamation Authority. Peter is presently involved with Cerebro Labs and Shatter Tech Holdings Corp with portfolio companies in the Philippines, Singapore, and Silicon Valley focused on Artificial Intelligence, Drone Development, Fintech, Mobility, Civil Defense, Communications, Digital Marketing, and Healthtech. Besides GET, he continues to oversee his other business ventures in Real Estate, Construction Engineering, and Education. Peter obtained Civil Engineering and Economics degrees from UC Irvine and a Masters Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University.

Freddie Tinga

Freddie has spent over 30 years in both the private sector and in government. He has worked in technology, with Andersen Consulting, Siemens-Nixdorf and his own tech start-up K2 Interactive; in finance, with Citibank; and in real estate, with Metro Pacific Corporation. Freddie also served as Taguig City Mayor for nine years, making it the Philippine’s fastest growing city. He was then elected to the House of Representatives in 2010 where he chaired the Committee on Information & Communications Technology. Freddie then founded MINT College, now recognized as one of the top creative schools in the Philippines. He followed that up by starting Global Electric Transport. Freddie earned an economics degree from the University of the Philippines as well as an MBA from the University of Oregon.

Anthony Dy

Ton oversees the operations of GET in the Philippines. Being a car enthusiast, Ton is directly involved in coordinating with the engineers and overseeing the manufacture and quality control of GET's electric vehicles as well as putting together the supplier network. Ton obtained his MBA in Entrepreneurship from the Asian Institute of Management, a partner institution of the Harvard Business School; and a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship from the University of Asia and the Pacific. Ton also holds an Associate Degree in Interior Design. Ton also owns a several businesses in the real estate, telecom and health sectors.

Miguel Valldecabres

Miguel started his professional career at PwC Assurance services in both Spain & the UK. After that, he set up different businesses in the Real Estate and Food & Retail sectors that ended up in successful divestments. He then founded Soton Capital. In 2012 he led the Formula-E project fund raising activities and brought in investors like Qualcomm, MoraBank, Julius Baer, Liberty Media and Discovery Channel. He was a Formula-E Board Member for 4 years. At the moment he is now focused on his role as CEO of QEV Technologies.

SP Sumulong

SP is a lawyer based in Manila with over 36 years of experience in the fields of corporate law, franchises, taxation, project finance and litigation. He received his Bachelor of Laws degree from Ateneo and his Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Business Management from the De La Salle University. He worked in Hong Kong from 2006 to 2016 and has been a director and general counsel of various private and publicly listed companies in the Philippines. He is currently GET’s Vice President for Business Development and Legal Affairs.

Jay Kopelowitz

Jay is a lawyer based in Del Mar, California and has been advising executive management on all legal matters, particularly on licensing and negotiations. Jay also has his own law firm that focuses on business law and litigation with a special emphasis on intellectual property procurement, registration, protection and licensing. Jay is a member of State Bar of California and the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association (LIMA).

Mark Stepka

Mark began his career in public accounting at Price Waterhouse. He spent the majority of his career as Director of Consulting Services at SS&G Financial Services, He eventually became a senior partner at BDO. He has over 30 years of experience in providing consulting services to entrepreneurial companies from start-ups to those with over a billion in annual revenues.

Dang Tirante

Dang is a veteran in operations and management, having pioneered the operations of the Taguig City Command and Contact Center. She serves as GET’s Fleet Operation Manager, overseeing on the ground activities across the Philippines. This makes her responsible for ensuring and improving the performance and productivity of GET’s electric fleet. Her extensive involvement in public service has given her a strong grasp of the interpersonal relations needed to handle both employees and passengers, as well as a skill set optimized for mass deployment.

Val Reyes

Val Reyes has worked over 35 years with I.T. business applications in diverse industries across the US and in the Philippines. He enjoys designing systems, optimizing processes and drawing out added-value from packaged solutions. As CTO of GET, he recently developed a multifunctional lifestyle app with embedded contact tracing for the Philippine landscape that is currently in use in local government, corporations, and even sporting leagues.